Quick Tip For Sellers

Most buyers will present offers with a home inspection contingency. Depending on the results, they may choose to walk away from the deal, ask that the items cited in the report be repairs, or they may agree to split the report costs.


Having a home inspection completed before the home is listed makes the home more attractive to buyers, which means you are likely to get more offers sooner. Show buyers that repairs have been made by having a slideshow of the work or before and after pictures play during open houses.

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HUD Homes

front_20611546What is a HUD home? Simply, it is a foreclosure. The government has certain agencies who guarantee mortgages. When a lendee defaults, the bank forecloses and sells the home to recover their losses. When an individual defaults on a government backed loan, the foreclosed property becomes a HUD home. Typically foreclosed properties are less expensive than standard sales, but they as usually sold as-is and need a bit of work. A buyer could find a HUD home at Making an offer on a HUD home is similar to being at an auction, so be prepared for a bidding war!

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