Property values in the Washington metropolitan area are on the rise, creating real wealth for homeowners. If you or someone you know, is considering selling their house this is a great time to sell.

The home selling process often involves Realtors who charge 6% commissions, expensive house repairs, and months of marketing. The process can be expensive and stressful.

CityDwellers has a better way – cut the middleman and sell your house directly to us, putting more money in your pocket. Did you know that we are the most active house buyer in DC? That’s because we buy houses fast, saving you a lot of money and time!


Why sell to us?

  • No Commission – We buy directly from you, without 6% commissions.

  • We Buy As-Is – You don’t have to fix your property

  • We Buy for any reason – Moving, job transfer, divorce, costly repairs, death in the family, or other special situation. We can assist your needs.

  • Fast – We close on you schedule and as fast as 3 days.

  • Cash Advance – Get up to $2500 cash advance when you sign a contract.

  • Offer Match – We will match any offer from any other home investor.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact us at 202-656-9029 or our office at 202-350-9034

  2. We will give you an offer at our first meeting (valid for 30 days)

  3. Once you accept, we schedule a settlement date that works for you

Aren’t you curious how much your house is worth? Find out. There’s no obligation. Please call us at 202-656-9029 or our office at 202-350-9034 for a confidential 15 minute phone consultation today! OR simply fill out the text fields below.