PG’s New Downtown Hub

Lately, there have been discussions of PG County getting a “downtown”. Surprisingly, the usual suspects, Bowie and Laurel, are not in the running due to their lack of metro stations. PG Plaza Mall’s already existing metro station, restaurants, shops, and movie theater make it the perfect location. Not to mention the increase in property value for residents of Hyattsville, in the surrounding areas. I think with a little sprucing up, PG’s downtown hub will be able to compete to destinations in DC any weekend. We will just have to wait and see.

REO properties

REO’s are bank owned properties. They can be a great, fiscally, if you know what you’re doing. The time an REO is active is usually very short and the listing price is usually way under market value. My strategy with REO’s i to present the highest and best offer, the first time. Hmmmm. What is the highest and best offer? A real estate professional (such as myself) could provide you with their opinion of market value, based on a comparative market analysis. With a little paint, you could a bank owned property your home for a bargain. Message me for more information on REO’s.