Your New Real Estate Agent

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My parents introduced me to the concepts such as real estate investing and entrepreneurship at an very early age. If you ask my mother, she will reveal that I started my first business venture at the age of three, by selling hair bows to the girls and teachers at my pre-school after learning how to make them. My entire life, I’ve had the “entrepreneur bug”. My mother obtained a real estate license in 2006. Watching my mother search the matrix for homes, I knew that was what I wanted to do. However, the market decline postponed my plans of becoming a Realtor right out of high school. I’m so confident in the market’s return, I decided to become a full-time agent and give my clients 110%, without a guaranteed salary.

I worked in the retail industry from 2009 until 2012, while attending the University of Maryland. My previous managers would comment that it seemed that sales came natural to me. However, what comes natural to me is great customer service. Hence, the motto, clients first. Those are the two words I have built my career and my business on.

I am a native Washingtonian. Although Washington, DC is once again my home, I spent my formative years in Prince George’s County, MD. Besides real estate, my passions include the arts, vegetarian cuisine, and holistic methods to well being.

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